Strictly Come Dancing Part II

I spoke too soon. Miss M productions wrote me back and told me Bette would be singing The Rose on the show, Strictly Come Dancing, Saturday, December 5th. I must learn patience…..

Love, Mister D

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5 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Part II

  1. this weekend is quite possibly going to be the best birthday weekend ever. Lol. Bette on tv sat night, leaving for blackpool sunday morning and god willing hopefully even getting to see a glimpse of bette going into the theatre for the variety performance. But if not i guess being in the same place at the same time is going to be enough. Lol. X

  2. i still can’t get over the royal variety being in Blackpool! what will Bette think of that place!! god i hope they find her a decent hotel there! suppose she could stay here in Manchester? fingers crossed Bette confirms our hopes of a UK tour.
    enjoy Blackpool Nicola, wrap up warm it’s going to be a cold week ahead up here x

  3. thanks rik. It’s icy cold up here in scotland so hoping it’ll get warmer the further south we go. Lol doubtful. Lol. Not holding out much hope of getting to see bette either but you never know. When it was in london the fans got to stand at the stage door and see everyone going in. Really hoping it’s going to be the same thing in blackpool, there’s no way of knowing though until we get there. I must admit though i will be really disappointed if we go all that way and don’t even get close. But it’ll the closest i’ll ever get to meeting my idol and at least i can say i tried. Can’t imagine what bette will think of blackpool. When i told everyone thats where she’s going everyone laughed and didn’t believe it. Lol. X

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