Video: WBMW’s “The Royal Variety Performance”

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12 thoughts on “Video: WBMW’s “The Royal Variety Performance”

  1. The Royal Variety Show was shit [personally]!BUT!!! Bette made that show!!! and believe me i’m telling the truth … she was annoucned as the special guest and came across best on TV, they announced her the best and everyone was only looking forward to the performance off Bette!!!!!
    She was soooo friggin great!

  2. i agree…..tho i was looking forward to Michael Buble….just wasn’t really listening to his singing, just him being there was good enough, but yeah Bette was the highlight and Peter Kay was as funny as ever……she should do it every year, i think she was the only one (besides the queen) that had any class at all!!….ant wait for Alan Carr tomorrow night, good birthday for me!! 🙂

  3. Bette looked fabulous and sang beautifully, her voice was really exposed in the arrangement of ‘In My Life’ (I can’t imagine any other singers who’d be so daring) and she absolutely stole the show. The audience went bananas when she came on, and her applause was the loudest of the night. Divine!

  4. Bette was fabulous last night.

    ‘In My Life’ was stunning – I hope a clip is available soon as you need to see it. It was great to see her in the UK again.

    Fingers crossed she’ll do a tour over here – she got a great reception from the audience and is very much loved by us English folk! 🙂

  5. Ahh Bette was brillant, In My Life was amazing
    Micheal and Bette were the high light of the show
    Cant wait for Alan Carr Tonight
    Paul xx

  6. What a divine gown! Miss M sang perfectly. Interesting that they don’t show the Queen’s reaction to the show. I guess I might expect that commoners can’t look directly to royalty.

    The Divine One was brave to sing with only the ukelele.

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