Longer Version WBMW’s: Royal Variety Performance

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6 thoughts on “Longer Version WBMW’s: Royal Variety Performance

  1. I believe a world tour would be very profitable for Bette and joyful to her international fans. For instance, another entertainer from Miss M’s generation, Dolly Parton, killed the last two times she performed in Europe. She filled up The O2 Arena in London!

  2. Marcos, you are so right (think about Streisand as well). Bette’s profile is major right now, she’s a big hitter over here, and she’d clean up if she toured…and get a rapturous response everywhere! Here’s hoping!

  3. She’s my Hero. What an amazing performance. See the sigh of relief once she finished the song. Classic!
    Very proud.
    Bette your stunning.

  4. I have been a fan of Bette for 38yrs.Thought I had seen her best,but this performance was stunning!I think even Bette was blown away by the audience reception to her.

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