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“Good Guy” Lyrics

“When Someone Speaks Your Name” Lyrics

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14 thoughts on “New Poll: Two Songs

  1. I kinda like “When Someone Speaks Your Name” just a little bit more…but it’s really hard to judge because these two songs sound too similar in style. I almost thought I had clicked the same song when the other started playing. They’re pretty songs but that’s just about it. I’m not all that impressed with them. These songs would be cakewalks for Bette.

    1. Probably they sound so much alike because they were written by the same person. But I guess you knew that…LOL

  2. She should really do Yes, I’m your angel!! Everyone, from what I can tell, just loved her doing that song!!!

  3. Im not that crazy about either one of them. But i guess A Good Guy is a tad better. But i hope she chooses other songs over these ones

  4. I didn’t care for either one…if I had to choose one, I can hear Bette’s vocal style in A Good Guy more than the other…even though they are both similar.

  5. I agree with Jill though! I would like a studio version of “Yes, I’m Your Angel”. I just replay the video on YouTube so I can hear the song. It’s really wonderful.

  6. Both of them sound very similar, and a bit too “sleepy” for me to recommend either. I agree with Deb that A Good Guy seems a bit more suited for Bette’s vocal style, although I liked When Someone Speaks Your Name a bit better. All in all, Bette can do better. Both of them sound like throwaway tracks (although the lyrics are strong), and Bette’s new album should be Grammy-bound. Keep searching Bette, you’re getting there!

  7. I would pick When Someone Speaks between the two. Not really feeling that desperate for a Good Guy. Though these songs may sound plain, but Bette may surprise us and really turn it out…

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