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3 thoughts on “Poll: Same Songs, Other Voices

  1. Hello, Mister D.

    I know that your lot is not an easy one and I imagine that simply keeping up with this site must be such a challenge. I wanted to answer, “Do what you gotta’ do, D.!” but the truth is that Bette’s song choices are often obscure and I adore hearing what she’s covered or what has been covered from her.

    I guess my answer is this: I’ll appreciate and love you and this site no matter what you choose, but the “Same Songs” segment is one of my favorites.

    As always (and forever) thank you, baby. I hope that you are well and my life is a happier one because of your hard work. If I am ever able to assist you in any way, no matter how big or small, please–PLEASE just drop me a line and let me know how. It would be an honor. You’ve done so much for me (well, truly for all of us) and as a community, I hope you know we are willing to give back.

    Your friend,


    1. Thanks so much for writing Gracie. That section is the most fun for me to do, so I’m thrilled you appreciate it. I mostly hear the negative about it, but the polls are proving the opposite. That’s kind of why I did the poll. I don’t know if I would have been able to get rid of it or not or maybe I would’ve kept it going just for me…. 🙂 Anyway, thanks so much for your beautiful post and offer. That goes a long way with me. Much love, Mister D

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