Bette’s Scrambled Eggs – Puzzle #2 – 4-16-2010 (Good Luck)

I’ve moved this game to the right hand side of the page so that you can check the puzzles and the answers whenever you want. The answers are upside down in case you want to check one but don’t want to know another answer too easily.

However, I do supply the explanations of the words used right-side up…so just tune those out if you can at the time. I’ll still post a new puzzle every Friday here and in the puzzle section along with the answer key to make it less frustrating.

You don’t need to post answers, but you can leave feedback whether you’re enjoying it or not. Thanks for your time.

Bette’s Scrambled Eggs – Puzzle #2


How did anyone do on last week’s puzzle? Too easy? Too Hard?

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6 thoughts on “Bette’s Scrambled Eggs – Puzzle #2 – 4-16-2010 (Good Luck)

  1. i could only figure out 1 from the first one!!! so i felt like a failure then i look at the new one and after 5 minutes i only need 3 more, this is perfect for me!!! thanks Mr. D <3

  2. ummm sctratch that again i got them all 🙂 (in my study hall at school just now, and i got a feww weird looks cuz i was figuring them out on the white board, thanks for the entertainment Mr. D!
    1. reigert- peter reigert, Bette’s former lover and costar in gypsy
    2.depression-as in songs for the new depression
    3.stella- bette’s movie from 1990
    4.goodman-as in john goodman who costarred in stella with Bette
    5.madness-as in divine madness
    6.vilanch-as in bruce vilanch (need i say more??)
    7.Basil- as in Toni Basil, Bettes friend and choeragrapher
    8.friends-one of Bette’s million theme songs 🙂
    9.boxing-a song from 1998 bathhouse betty (love it)
    10.Nanette-a stage character Bette used to use inm her shows.

  3. Yeah I found them and I feel like such a moron for not figureing them out in the first place but I’m better now that I got all these ones 🙂

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