Video SKY TV: Bette’s Greatest Fear?

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13 thoughts on “Video SKY TV: Bette’s Greatest Fear?

  1. I have the same fear, I swear to god… not just saying that cuz she did. I am terrified of what’s down there. I don’t mind being on a boat but I hate being in the ocean or a lake. Always thinking about what’s swimming around me, not knowing how deep it really is… terrifying! Doesn’t help that I saw the movie “Open Water” either.

    1. I felt that way since “Jaws” and then “Open Water” just reinforced the fear years later….LOL

  2. Is it me, the summer heat or what? I am not a fan of that outfit she’s wearing or maybe I just don’t like hearing other people’s phobias….hmmmm

  3. I am afraid of deep water too — becoz I don’t know how to swim! When I went to Hawaii, after getting frustrated trying to find where Bette spent her childhood (lol!) we decided to go kayaking but after seeing the BIG waves, I suddenly felt nauseated and backed out (after paying and all!).

    PS. Bette looks so ‘formal’ in her outfit here — but she still looks great and seems enjoying her break:)

    Thanks, Mr. D:)

  4. Open water is a joke!!!!!
    I worked on the great barrier reef for three years, and i could take away the fear you have in 5 minutes.
    All you need is a mask and snorkle, a little floating tube, me and your set!!!!

    Unleash the mermaid, mermann within.

  5. Mr. D:

    1st. The video stops at 1:57 and I can’t even download it. Please, help me out.

    2nd. Miss M is very elegant with this shirt and necklace.

    3rd. I’d love to sail on a transatlantic voyage and swim, in a cage, with sharks in Hawai, if possible. It must be so much fun. By the way, The Divine One has fone on a cruise. I remember, in an interview, she saying that you got to have your suits on the ship because you are going to get fat with all that food.


  6. Marcos – on 3rd, yeah I can imagine – food are “big events” in cruises but Bette is so tiny, she could probably eat anything and still look divine:)

  7. i can’t relate to that fear at all, my step mom takes 45 minutes to get into the lake too, i just run and dive right off the dock, i jump off the tube when we’re in the middle of the lake and swim around, i prefer deep water to shallow water lol, i hope i dont grow out of it like my mom did…

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