NYRP 2010 Hulaween Letter Invite And Prices….Hope You Can Read!

For Prices: Click Here

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12 thoughts on “NYRP 2010 Hulaween Letter Invite And Prices….Hope You Can Read!

  1. Mr. D:

    Did Miss M signed the letter with a pen or was the signature printed?

    Are you attending Hulaween?


  2. I want to go also, badly, but yikes! Im going to try and try hard, but I don’t know at this moment.

  3. Why is it never just her? i know she’s busy but I think she could pull it off. Don, If i can find a way to go, you have to also!!! Haha 🙂

    1. I have a partner that holds the reigns of the pocketbook, so it’s hard….unless I’m wickedly manipulative….may have to play that card…

  4. Who is going? I’ve been to NYC a few times but never alone (yet). If I go to the Hulaween, I will be flying alone from California(SF). It would be nice to see and be with people I know…Mr. D?, other Betteheads??, I feel safe with you, you know…

    1. I know 2 for sure that are going, but I’m almost certain I’m not. You should go Anne you’ll have a blast….

  5. Thanks, Mr. D:) Yes, I know 2 Betteheads going and I’m looking forward to meeting them and being in the Hulaween with them:)and I thought this would also be my chance to meet you in person:( but of course I understand if you can’t be there — but I am really looking forward to meeting you and seeing you in the flesh, Mr. D:). Maybe I should go to TN one day to be able to meet you:)

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