New Music Up In Bootleg Betty Jukebox

  • There’s new music up in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox for August. Hope you enjoy. To get there: CLICK HERE
  • Hope everybody enjoyed the movie and got their Kitty Galore fix and a doll at Burger King! I haven’t yet. Too embarrassed to ask for a doll! Going to see the movie tomorrow and then pretend like I’m a dad later at BK…I know, I know…I’m a wuss!!!
  • Also don’t forget to enter the Cats and Dogs Grand Sweepstakes if you haven’t. They have some really good prizes to give away. To enter: Click Here
  • Also, be sure to check out the CD’s on the sidebar by the talented young women I have up, including Miss M’s latest song. And the articles by Lisa Lamm for The Examiner.
  • In fact my Blogroll is chock full of other BetteHead blogs, too, that you may want to check out also. They are more like personal journals. Get to know your fellow bloggers.
  • And if you’re on FaceBook, please sign up for Networked Blogs for Bootleg Betty. There’s a link to click on the right hand side bar and also at the bottom of eadh post. They rank blogs by topic and it’s cool to see Bette at the top of the list in certain categories such as entertainment, comedy, gay, movies, music, etc…and it’s good advertising. So if you haven’t joined please do. Thank you!
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