Oh No! New Music In Bette’s Jukebox…!!!!

Yes, I know it’s Emmy weekend, but there’s new music in the Bootleg Betty jukebox to assuage your addictions. Listen to it before and after the show this weekend. And then, of course, you have all month, so really why the friggin’ hurry. Hope you enjoy the morsels of musicality presented.

To listen: CLICK HERE

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4 thoughts on “Oh No! New Music In Bette’s Jukebox…!!!!

  1. Ahhh Don I really love it.THANK YOU!
    You know i’m a big B juxebox fan! Love track 7 and the soundtracks, hard to say what i love the most!

    Love Linda

    1. that’s always nice to hear….btw…enjoyed your coverage of the emmy’s. i was in stitches! i suck at predicting though….

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