Bette Sings “The Boxer” With Paul Simon (Thank You Anne!)

Mister D: Anne wanted to share this with everyone. Hope this works!

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9 thoughts on “Bette Sings “The Boxer” With Paul Simon (Thank You Anne!)

    1. It’s still working. I think you have to be FB friends with Anna to get it to work. Maybe she’ll let me upload it to YT or something….

  1. yea i just tried it again. Thats exactly what it is. ;( No matter. Not sure which ann it is so i’ll just wait and hopefully it’ll get posted to youtube or something.


  2. Mr. D., by all means, post it on Youtube (put your BLB stamp on it:)). And to Nicola, I just added you as my friend on FB:)

    This was the first time that I’ve taken a video from my Blackberry and I’m glad it worked:) And pardon the interruption somewhere in the middle of the video – it was me and Morgan telling the girl in front of us dressed as a cop to “sit down, girl (LOL)! It was a great moment and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else:)

    And thanks Mr. D., for adding the title – I couldn’t figure out what the title was, LOL!

    <3 <3 <3 Anne <3 <3 <3

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