Important Tid-Bettes: 11-4-2010

Mister D: I had the following questions confirmed that some of you had been asking about. Some could use more details and some are so far off in the future you never know for sure, but here they are….

* Don’t look for Bette’s website to be up any time soon. They can’t even give me an estimated date.
* It’s up in the air as to whether there will be a new CD of new material next year. That’s all I know.
* A DVD has been confirmed for “The Showgirl”…whether this is just stateside, not sure. Nothing said about iTunes.
* There is no tour for 2012 scheduled as Wikipedia states…
* NYRP raised over 2 million dollars this year and that’s not counting the online auctions which are still going…

Hope this helps somewhat….for the next round of questions, just email me. I promised I wouldn’t bother them for a few weeks though, so make them good and precise….


Mister D

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8 thoughts on “Important Tid-Bettes: 11-4-2010

  1. Im so happy about the DVD. Hope they release the entire show, without cuts. And some bonus features would be awesome, from her Christmas shows.

    Thank you, Mister D, for all the updates

  2. thank you for the updates, Mr D; it’s nice to know there’s things to look forward to…even though Bette never talks about touring the Yuk…

  3. Thank you for the info Don. Shame about the cd but great news about the dvd, even if its just in the US I’m sure places like Amazon etc will have it for sale and luckily I have a multi region dvd player so I’m looking forward to the release. I just hope they don’t keep putting the release date back, like they did with Diva Las Vegas. Thank you Don, what would we do without you xx

  4. Mr. D:

    Please, ask them whether the Showgirl DVD will feature the WHOLE show, what is its bonus material and ask about an engagement at the Wynn or Encore Las Vegas.

    My best hug,

  5. Don thank you for this great news…i´m so so soooooo happy about the DVD release…althow we don´t know the date, i´m exiting about it!
    Thank you!!! and hope everythiong is doing fine for you! Kiss!

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