Mister D Meets James Marsden (Cats and Dogs) At “Country Strong” Premiere

I had the pleasure of going to the “Country Strong” premiere (and after party) starring Gwenyth Paltrow and Tim McGraw about an alcoholic country singer who gives and gives until she can’t give anymore….sound familiar. Anyway, I had a blast, even though I forgot to take many pictures. I did manage to snag this one with hunky actor James Marsden who’s been in countless movies like Enchanted, Hairspray, X Men, 27 Dresses, Cats And Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, and many more. Also there was Gwyneth, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Tobey McGuire, Kix Brooks, and more….a very fun-filled night for my me, my brother, Barry, and Nashville.

Next premiere for me…next Monday….Burlesque…starring Cher and Cristina Aquilera…can’t wait!

Here’s more pictures from the “Country Strong” premiere: Click Here

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8 thoughts on “Mister D Meets James Marsden (Cats and Dogs) At “Country Strong” Premiere

  1. Oh no…too sexy!!! Great pic! Good luck next week at the Burlesque premiere…fingers crossed on some super Cher-ness.

  2. Sure just rub it in Don you lucky bastard 😛 . . Burlesque . . . Cher . . .Music . . . I think they were made for each other

  3. Wow, cutie:) !!

    Re the premiere – soooo happy and excited for you, Mr. D:)!!!! You deserve it!!! Cher & Christina, awesome!!!

    Take some pics (when you can:) I know it’s not easy when you’re already there and you get lost in the excitement of the moment and forget about the digital camera waiting in your pocket LOL!) Nevertheless, enjoy — carpe diem, seize the moment!!!:)

    Anne <3<3

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