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GNS: Bette Rolls Off The Couch! (Thanks Kim/Cris)

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11 thoughts on “GNS: Bette Rolls Off The Couch! (Thanks Kim/Cris)

  1. OMG!!! I was shocked! Did Bette get hurt? (And I could see her behind too…) I hope she didn’t…but she was a good sport:). First time I saw her fall [or roll off a couch] like that. Oy!!!

  2. Thank you, Mr. D, I enjoyed it of course:) (just got worried…)
    Looking forward to seeing the full episode here in the U.S.

    <3 Anne <3

    1. i think she knew what she was doing….imo I’ve talked with her asst since (not bragging “haters”) and nothing came up about her being hurt….to me it seemed like the old Bette doing a pratfall….could be wromg….

  3. After seeing her on gns i cant wait to see her on the paul o’grady show x-mas eve here. Should be yet another mad show lol. A lot of people have said the best bits were cut,but still an amazing show. Was just pleased divinity had returned to England even if it was only a week. 🙂

  4. Yes LOL its her comedy routine like in the sitcome i think.
    She probably was astonished about the open way they talked and roled over from laughter
    Love this thank you for sharing i laughed so hard, everybody at home is in a good mood.
    Please tell us about the bits they have cut out , thank you

    Linda DD

  5. didnt a bettehead say they talked about you mister d?? and omg i just love bette she isa almost 65 and still unpredictable, no one kniows what she wuill do or say she keeps us on our toes!!!

    1. yes she did and it pissed some Bettehead off if you can find the right post to look at…..eek! I don’t know if they edited it out or not. They wanted me to send anything silly they could make fun of on the show and I sent several things. I think they made fun of a doll pillow I had….LOL

  6. What a laugh riot!! Just what I needed after spending a holiday away w/the in-laws!!
    Always undpredictable and always divine 😉

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