The NYRP Birthday Fundraiser A Humongous Success

I was contacted by NYRP about the birthday fundraiser which included all the fundraisers this year under the wing of NYRP and what a success it has turned out to be. So far they have reached their goal and the money is still rolling in….right now they are at $37,920!!!

Last year, you might remember there was a little controversy with people thinking there were only 2 birthday fundraisers and that is so far from the truth. It’s like NYRP told me….you just wouldn’t believe how many there are each year. It’s not an original idea, but it is a thoughtful one. But nobody has a copyright on it.

With that said, NYRP are in the process of designing the plaque to present to Bette (a bit of a challenge, but a good one ”“ lots of supporters to fit onto it!) ”“ and are hoping to send out a special “thank-you” email very soon (by the end of the week) to everyone who participated in this special campaign.

So for everyone who participated, give yourself a pat on the back. It was for a good cause and you did a good thing. Plus you made our diva happy!!!!

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “The NYRP Birthday Fundraiser A Humongous Success

  1. my dad gives me $5 a week to buy a snapple at lunch everyday, when i heard the minimum was $35 and the dealine was the end of november i started saving up the $5 every week. so for 7 weeks, no snapple lol and i got it in on the deadline. well my dad asked me what i’ve been doing with the $5 and i told him, he got mad and said “you mean to tell me you gave your money to bette midler!!” (i had already explained that it was for NYRP and what it would do he took it out of context) and he said “doesnt she have like millions of dollars already. and it took me 3 more times to explain it wasnt given to her, it was to her organization to plant flowers in nyc. he finally got it and yet he was still mad. and told me not to give “his” money to bette midler. Csn you tell im alone in my family when it comes to Bette lol.

  2. What a beautiful picture!

    (And Riss, it’s times like those that you should remind your father that you’ll be picking out his old folk’s home someday, and perhaps he won’t want you to be quite so frugal!

  3. Skipped shopping for my birthday for the sake of Bette’s 65th and I feel happy that I was able to do it for her — after all we only get to be 65 once in our lives:) I just want her 65th b-day to be a memorable one:) And of course I didn’t tell anyone in my family:) LOL!

    And Riss, sweetie, your dad should be proud of you — it was for a good cause:)


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