Video: Bette On “This Morning” (UK) – Thank You Emma!!!

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10 thoughts on “Video: Bette On “This Morning” (UK) – Thank You Emma!!!

  1. What a wonderful interview! And 10 minutes, too. Aside from Bette being such a terrific entertainer, she is just so amazing as a person…the humanity in her really comes through. She’s had the most incredible life, and seems so totally unaffected by it, with a clear focus and sense of humor about it all. I always enjoy her interviews, and they just seem to get better with time. Thanks for sharing, Emma and Don!!

  2. This is the best Bette interview I have seen in a very long time. The interviewer was top notch and Bette was on!

  3. Am going to try and record it through my sky onto DVD and then upload it. If it can be done it will be done. XX

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