Do You Think They Look Alike?

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9 thoughts on “Do You Think They Look Alike?

  1. Yes. I watch The View often and when Joy smiles after telling one of her jokes, she really resembles Bette. A straight guy friend of mine actually thought Bette was on The View for many years, until I set him straight (rim shot!).

  2. They could certainly pass as sisters, however Bette is much more beautiful and softly spoken.
    I agree whe she smile she looks alot like Bette

  3. I met Joy Behar @ the Hulaween last October, she was very nice to us Betteheads. She is a lovely woman like Bette and could pass as Bette’s sister but I think Bette has softer facial features than Joy. This is just my observation based on seeing them both on the same occassion. I agree with Andrea — I looked straight onto Bette’s eyes when I met her and she’s got this beautiful brown eyes and a very beautiful smile (my memory of this momentous event will be forever etched in this chip inside my brain). I could go on and on, lol! But Joy was really nice to all of us:)

  4. Definitely! I’ve thought this for years. Another one is Courtney Love. When she was younger, Courtney could have definitely played Bette.

    What’s interesting is that Mayim Bialik, who looked so much like a child Bette in Beaches, looks NOTHING like her as an adult!

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