Chas Sandford: Wag More, Bark Less


“This veteran producer/songwriter proves his performing chops with a deeply felt, autobiographical set of songs that any fan of the Eagles, Crosby, Stills and Nash or Jackson Browne will surely appreciate, with the added thrill of discovering a brand-new artist.”
— Roy Trakin, HITS MAGAZINE, January 2011

“”¦Wag More, Bark Less, a collection so full of hits one would swear Tim McGraw had been recording again. The CD leads with a surefire hit, the anthemic: ”˜Let Love Back in This House,’ and then keeps getting better. This is one of the most major independent releases I’ve ever heard.”
— Tom Kidd, MUSIC CONNECTION, February, 2011

“The Tennessee-based artist pens tunes that draw from rock, country, and pop, while existing in a sphere that’s decidedly his own. The hooks are there, but there’s a lot of heart hidden within each chord, verse, and lyric on Sandford’s sophomore offering, Wag More Bark Less. Yet, there’s nothing like hearing Chas sing and play his own material on Wag More Bark Less”¦”
— Rick Florino, ARTIST DIRECT.COM, January 18, 2011

“Sandford co-wrote one of my all-time favorite pop hits, John Waite‘s ”˜Missing You.”’ (OK, Brooks & Dunn did a good version, too.) I can sense that same emotional and musical undercurrent in ”˜I’ll Be There’ [from his new album]. In this song, he’s asking his beloved to find comfort and faith in their partnership. With the right artist, this could be a huge country hit.”
–Craig Shelburne, CMT.COM, February 22, 2011

“”¦he has the respect of fellow songwriters and his talents are sought after commodities in the world of music”¦His dedication and feelings come across loud and clear in his latest effort titled Wag More Bark Less. The music has a Don Henley feel mixed with classic rock and modern country leanings.”
— Jeb Wright, CLASSIC ROCK REVISITED.COM, February 2011

“’Wag More, Bark Less,’ is filled with fantastic songs about heartache, longing and sorrow over painful memories of love lost.”
— Dana Feldman, EXAMINER.COM, December 17, 2010

“Sandford weaves strong words into masterful lyrics about love, loss, hurt and pain and the emotional expression along with his strong, raspy, sexy voice, brings every song on the album to life. I love the different instrumentation on the different songs-no two alike on this album. Thanks Chas for some great music!”
–Amanda Johnson, DIGITALRODEO.COM, January 10, 2011

“You might not know the name of Georgia native Chas Sandford, but you know his songs for sure. His pen has been behind such pop classics as ”˜Missing You,’ ”˜What Kind Of Man Would I Be,’ and ”˜Talk To Me.’ Now, he gives the other side of the song a try, with this excellent album. From the opening notes of ”˜Let Love Back In This House’ all the way through to the end of the album, Sandford proves himself to be a singer worthy of any song that might come from his pen. He also comes across as very versatile, with a style that ranges from Pop to Rock, with a little bit of Country sprinkled in. Rather than single out a few cuts here, and tell you that they are highlights, I will tell you up front that each track could be a highlight. There are no clunkers here. Some of my favorite cuts are ”˜The Best Of Times,’ ”˜Broken,’ and the ballad showcase ”˜I Believed,’ where his vocal performance brings to mind Larry Stewart of Restless Heart. While each cut is impressive on its’ own merits, I wouldn’t rule out his getting some attention for the biting ”˜Love Can Really Mess You Up.’ It’s one of those type performances that can really send an artist into the stratosphere—-a place where he Chas Sandford truly deserves to be!”
— Chuck Dauphin, MUSICNEWSNASHVILLE.COM, January 10, 2011

“With ”˜Wag More Bark Less,’ Chas Sandford proves that he is able to co-write, record, produce and mix a solid sophomore album. Sandford is able to sing these twelve songs about loss, love and his life experiences, with much passion and conviction. This album is recommended for listeners of pop, rock and adult contemporary music, as well as country music fans.”
— Markos Papadatos, SUITE101.COM, January 16, 2011

“It has all the markings of a classic.”
— William Simpson, STAGESHOTZZ.COM, January 31, 2011

“I love this album; ”˜Broken’ (track five) is a beautiful ballad that just keeps building with every note driven by powerhouse vocals. Great harmonies on ”˜My Favorite Regret’ and he brings it on home with ”˜Waiting For the Sun.’”
— Amanda Andrews, NASHVILLEMUSICGUIDE.NET, February 7, 2011



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