GRAMMY Consideration * Chas Sandford * “Wag More Bark Less” – Need Grammy Voters Now!

Mister D: Chas is a friend of Bette Midler. He also was her boyfriend and guitarist during Divine Madness and escorted her to the Oscar’s when she was nominated for The Rose. This CD is excellent and has been in my Top 3 for a year now…and I’m not blowing smoke up your ass either. Also during the KMB tour Bette and Chas discussed writing together. Now that would be something. I have links to listen to his CD and a link on the sidebar to purchase. For Grammy voters, time is of the essence!


My record “Wag More Bark Less” & my song “Let Love Back In This House” are in 6 categories in this critical 1st round of Grammy voting!

“Wag More Bark Less” is up for Album Of The Year, Best Americana Album, & Best Engineered Album.

The song “Let Love Back In This House” is up for Record Of The Year & Song Of The Year.

And I am up for Best New Artist.

Obviously I am thrilled!

I need all the help I can get to get the word out to as many voting members as I can to at least check my record out for consideration.

They can listen to the album and read some of the great reviews that it has received on my website @

All votes must be RECEIVED by mail in Los Angeles BY November 2nd, next Wednesday.

I am trying to reach out to all my friends who may be voting members or who probably know many voting members for help in spreading the word.

As an Independent Artist I don’t have the “Big Label” budgets or muscle, but I do have friends like you and my record has been well received and reviewed.

I am proud of this album and am extremely thankful for all talented people who helped me along the way to get it to this point.

I believe in the power of a Grassroots Movement and believe as so many others have told me, that if my record can be heard it has a real shot.

That’s all I ask for is the chance for my record to be heard and considered on it’s own merits.

I am convinced that it takes far fewer votes than people may imagine to get from the 1st round to the next final ballot with 5 in each category.

So each & every vote counts!

Making it to the final ballot would guarantee airplay, some sales and lots of media opportunities that would usually be the exclusive turf of the major labels.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you may be able to lend in helping spread the word in these final critical days of 1st round voting.

In Gratitude,

Chas Sandford


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