Hulaween 2011: Photos

Bette Midler attends the 16th Annual Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project’s Hulaween at The Waldorf=Astoria on October 28, 2011 in New York City. 16th Annual Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project’s Hulaween

More Pix Coming, Be Patient, And Check Back: Click here

Can anybody see the other photos when you click on the link?

I’m having trouble with my photo collection page, so to tide you over check out this page: Click Here

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19 thoughts on “Hulaween 2011: Photos

    1. crap….I don’t know what’s going on….my memory has been compromised since my hospital stay and i’m having to learn everything over….I]ll keep trying….I just feel awful about this….xx

  1. Wow! She looks AMAZING! 🙂 lol Yeah, i thought something was off when it asked for a password and username. lol I couldn’t figure it out so i tried to enter my email into the subscribe section. haha, so bright side? you have a new blb subscriber. 😉 Buuuuut i still can’t see pictures. lol However, she looks FAB-U-LOUS! 😀 lol Can’t wait to see the rest of them! 🙂

    1. Well….I’m totally baffled….I’m sure i’ll get it figured out but i’ll try to hold you over with something in the meantime….glad you subscribed! xxoo

  2. i know you wanna be ahead but Andrea’s right, in the mean time we can marvel at this stunning picture of Bette wauw she looks chic ,sexy and slim!

    1. Thank you all for being so understanding….I just like to do things right and i’m just upset with my memory and letting everybody down….

  3. Chill Mr. D, we wouldn’t even be looking at this great pic of Bette if not for you, the other link will come…eventually. No rush, don’t stress! Thank you.

  4. Cupcake, I had the same problem yesterday, but it was a hot night over here and everybody was having cold beers. I thought I was drunk already and was trying to log in a different site…it asked for a password and username. Then I thought it could be some kind of virus and the next question would be about my bank account. Don’t worry hun…tell people to JFG (just fucking google it!). LOL! XXOO. She looks radiant…

  5. It works, Mr. D. I saw all the pictures. I wish somebody recorded the performance and leak the file as someone did with Donna Summer and Miss M a few years ago.

    If The Divine One didn’t loose any weight, her stylist is a genius!

    Mr. D, do you know when the Billy Cristal film is supposed to come out?


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