BetteBox Chatter: Bette Pays Her Respects To The Queen Of Soul

Kim: Bette sighting at Aretha Franklin’s birthday at the Helmsley Park hotel.
[26 Mar 11 00:04:04]

Cris Vanuzzi: was anybody able to find the Whole Living interview online? I wasn’t….LOL!
[25 Mar 11 22:37:29]

Kim: g-night.htm
[25 Mar 11 22:08:56]

Lane: hey danielle u can call nyrp and they will put u on the mail list so u can get an invitation and those tickets are 500$
[25 Mar 11 18:48:27]

Hesche: Hi Molly, I think it was a side B song from that single, but I can’t find it anywhere. Mr. D has it on his bootleg betty jukebox. It’s a fun song.
[25 Mar 11 17:56:18]

Danielle: I just saw on that tickets for the picnic are STARTING at 1,000. That is fucked up
[25 Mar 11 15:51:28]

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6 thoughts on “BetteBox Chatter: Bette Pays Her Respects To The Queen Of Soul

  1. This was supposed to be my 1st Spring Picnic, and now that I am finally able to come, I have to spend my $500 in some other happiness. Maybe Martha Stewart and Martin Short can afford to attend every bag that Bette opens, but there will be thousands of dollars lost from people who can’t afford to choose between Bette’s cause and a month’s RENT!

    I suddenly feel like I’m not “cool enough” or enough of a big shot to be part of NYRP anymore. Am I over-reacting?

    So disappointed.

    And NO, I will NOT fork over one thousand dollars just to sit in the same tent as Bette Midler and Katie Couric’s security! I’ll plant a tree for my tomorrow with John Denver’s ghost!

    1. Of course you have the right to be disappointed as should many others. It seem to have been a rash decision and not too well thought out in the long or short run. Maybe they’ll change it back next year…. xxoo

  2. I agree $1,000 is just too much. Especially with all the travel costs most of us have on top of that. Also having it on a Wednesday eliminates a lot of people too.

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