BetteBox Chatter: NYRP Spring Picnic Even More Confusing…

Mister D: I just want to preface that I got my information about prices from Bette’s assistant, but now I’m hearing a different story from the chatbox ladies and germs. Maybe Lane can find out more info tomorrow or maybe if you’re one of those that were going could call and report back and I’ll post. Sorry for all the confusion.

Kim: Lane, That’s what they told me too. They also told me that they don’t confirm ages for the Buds, so if you look like you are under 40 I would go for that option.
[26 Mar 11 23:15:30]

Kim: Family guy singing the Rose
[26 Mar 11 23:13:48]

Lane: I’m a bit confused now..I talked to 2 guys from nyrp so far and they tol´d me they have tickets for 500$ number of course and u can only get them by mail.I still hope it is true but I will call them tomorrow and ask again.Anyone know more about it?
[26 Mar 11 21:46:41]

Kim: Cris, I couldn’t find the artice either. I’ll try to remember to pick up the magazine tomorrow and I’ll post it. Not promising I’ll remember though.
[26 Mar 11 16:25:45]

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