Whole Living Mag: An Interview With Bette! (Thanks Kim!)

Mister D: Come on, you can do it…I read it this way and I’m almost blind! Just be patient with yourself! xxoo

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3 thoughts on “Whole Living Mag: An Interview With Bette! (Thanks Kim!)

    1. I did make it bigger than what I normally do and I was able to read it….Thanks for sending it….oops I forgot to thank you….I’ll fix that…

  1. Chiming in… I love Bette’s answers to the 3rd & 5th quetions. If someone asked me the same questions I’d probably answer the same way. Even though I continue to build a green staff around my project, delegation is so hard for me to do. I live by the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.
    Also, please stop littering!! I have picked up so much damn trash in Philly, I see it everywhere and it just seems to keep coming back – stop the trash insanity!!!!!

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