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12 thoughts on “Video: Martha

  1. love that song…bette looks great here…may I ask from which year this is?

    thanks 🙂 always love your videos

  2. Thanks for posting. Martha is my favorite song. It would be great if She and Tom would collaborate on something. Love Shiver me Timbers too.

  3. Really thanks for sharing! This is amazing & splendid fansite for Divine Miss M!I drop by here everyday! Thank you again. S.Y.Kim from South Korea.

  4. Is there an MP3 that somebody might be able to send to me. I just love this song Martha. Why she never recorded I do not know. I have watched this video for 4 days now and just fell in love iwth this song. What a great performance.

  5. I had heard many years ago she did record it-just never released it-I remember watching this live back then on SNL-I was so moved! They also played it at the closing of the SNL anniversary special as they showed clips of John Belusi, Gilda etc.
    It always reminds me of my best friend Claire -we met when we were 4 years old and she died 6 years ago at age 47-I still get choked up when I hear it-it was one of those times when Bette can just move you like no other (as Carson’s last guest etc.)
    Don, I tried to copy this, and download it-I’m not real computor savy when it comes to this stuff-is there any way you could send it to me-my e-mail is This song will always have a special place in my heart-why she never recorded it, I mean released it I’ll never know-but I kind of like the idea that not a lot of people know about it-it keeps it special instead of COMMERCIAL! Thanks-love your site-I don’t participate often, but I’m on here every few days and have been for several years since I discovered it. keep up the great job Don-it really is appreciated.

    1. what a beautiful story to share with all of us. I can provide you with a link to this video and an mp3….that’s about as far as my computer tech brain will allow me to do…hope you enjoy!

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