New Official Bette Site Is Up!

The new version of Bette’s official site is finally up! Check it out….Click Here

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8 thoughts on “New Official Bette Site Is Up!

    1. Yes, but it was also under a KMB video….i hope she does but earlier in the year i asked and was told no. Here’s to hopng they changed their mind…

  1. is she going to release a DVD of Kiss My Brass? o.O I´m so excited and the videos are so beautiful…and finally with good quality 😀

  2. maybe they are planning to release the KMB Tour together with the Vegas Showgirl like Barbra did with her 2006 concert? and that´s the reason why it was under a KMB video. 🙂 would be awesome-

  3. I’m on her new site, and don’t see anything about the Showgirl DVD (I’m going blind, I guess), but I hope she includes the whole show–after all, the HBO special was only a few minutes longer than an hour!

    As for the “official” site: well, it is colorful and pretty, but thinner than a crepe under a steamroller. Hopefully, it will fill up as time goes on. Things noticeably missing from the site is the opportunity for contact information or comments, a more intensive history and chronology, and links to things other than Amazon.

    Nonetheless, it’s finally up….but, Don, don’t worry……it doesn’t come close to the decade of blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into “Bootleg Betty”……the official site is a nice diversion, but your website is the definitive version! Keep at it, because you’re the best!!!

  4. Don,

    no matter what they put up on, YOUR site will always be the true original Bette-page: Thank you again so much for all your great effort and the time and love you invest to bring us something that is closer in spirit to the Divine Miss M than anything “official” will ever be!

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