Video: Kiss My Brass Backstage Interviews

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7 thoughts on “Video: Kiss My Brass Backstage Interviews

  1. I am going to buy Showgirl but I really wish everyday that Kiss My Brass would be released!! They must have a copy it was playing all the time in the Vegas store. To me that show was just about perfect!!!!! We should start a petition!!!!!

    1. KMB was the one I thought for sure they would put out…it was perfect for home video! Supposedly she recorded herself everynight, but it wasn’t high quality enough to release to the public. Although what I saw playing in her store in Vegas looked just fine to me!

  2. is she working with idiots?! not high quality enough…o.O *sigh* seriously…her marketing is so bad…she should follow Celine´s example…she is releasing everything…and she keeps her promises when she is announcing backstage scenes and a 90 min concert….I´m sorry but I am really angry and sad about that. 🙁

    1. Well, as far as i know she never said she was releasing KMB and that was frustrating enough….she should have been releasing all her work. But I guess she has her reasons. But it is quite frustrating….

  3. I agree Mr. D. I watched almost the entire thing in the vegas store and i thought the quality was just fine. If they can do a 3D conversion to some garbage movie they can take amp up of the quality of this production. KMB was excellent to be released. I hate to say more so than Showgirl. However, I will buy everything she puts out!!!!

  4. I heard from my las vegas friends (not sure how reliable) that Steve Wynn is still trying to persuade Bette to do a concert in his Wynn venue and share the arena with Garth Brooks. Wynn is suggesting that this be a much more intimate concert b/c the stage and arena are alot smaller. Wynn is a Huge Fan of our Bette

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