Teens 4 Good By “Philly’s Own Miss M”

Teens 4 Good from Timothy Esser-Haines on Vimeo.

When Bette moved back to NYC in the early 90’s I really started to take notice of the environmental work (movement) she started with then, the Manhattan Restoration Project. Like many of us, I have been a fan for decades and admired everything she did on stage. But this work, park revitalization, really moved me and struck a familiar chord inside that Bette & I had something in common. That is when I really listened to Bette’s song, Some People’s Lives. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics?? It changed the way I live my life.

I started volunteering in Philadelphia in 1998 and started to really get involved w/local groups that were talking the talk and walking the walk. We were making changes with small community projects and this was an amazing feeling to me. I had to do more!

Following NYRP over the years and being fortunate to have a relationship with some of NYRP’s finest, I took their tips and guidance and put it to work. Always a few steps (and millions of dollars) behind but, the passion is there and I think you’ll see it in this video. Totally a grass roots effort!

There is something to be said for “charity” work. This is not charity work, it is something we all should put our heart and souls into. It is work we owe to ourselves.

Teens 4 Good is part of a movement in Philly not just to clean and green. It is a movement of community ownership, involvement and to have our youth feel as if they are doing something valuable for their City. We continue to push for policy change, community improvements and youth leadership.

I have a pic or 2 of Bette in my home office and it’s funny that, whenever I start to wonder why I continue to fight the fight, to clean & green, to work w/the youth in our underserved communities…I always find those pics of Bette smiling at me and I’ll say her…”You know, this is all your fault” 😉

One last thing, if you find something you have a passion for, go for it. I guarantee it will be really hard work but everything is worth the effort.

I hope you enjoy the video and visit our website to keep up to date with T4G.

Philly’s own…
~Ms. M

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