Bette’s New Movie Titled, “Us And Them”
Us And Them And The Grizzlies
by Alexan Balekian

The Fresno Grizzlies season has been anything but a box office hit, but don’t tell that to comedic icon Billy Crystal and the creative minds in Hollywood.

The Grizzlies and Chukchansi Park will be the backdrop to a new sports movie filmed by 20th Century Fox. The movie is called, “Us and Them,” and will be filmed this Saturday night.

Several scenes will be shot during the Grizzlies game against the Sacramento Rivercats. The movie is about a minor league broadcaster and Billy Crystal who helped direct HBO’s documentary 61 will be producing and starring in it. The movie will be filmed in Fresno and Georgia.

So if you ever wanted to be an extra in a motion picture here’s your chance.

Plot Summary: Billy Crystal is attached to star and produce. The comedy explores the differences in parenting philosophies between the last two generations, or how ‘parent’ morphed from a noun into a verb. In the film, Crystal would play a grandfather forced to take care of his three grandchildren by the 21st century rules of his daughter, their mother, who has gone on a weeklong work vacation.

In the process, he is confronted with what seems to him an absurd world of negotiating with kids, Little League games where everyone gets a hit, tailored meals and ‘feelings.’ Ultimately, he reverts to an old-school-justice style of discipline.

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20 thoughts on “Bette’s New Movie Titled, “Us And Them”

  1. This sounds like a nice vehicle for Billy. By the way, Billy’s movie 61*, is one of the best baseball movies ever, and Billy is easily one of the most knowledgeable baseball “experts” in Hollywood.

    I don’t know where Bette fits in to this, but it seems to have promise, with an interesting storyline. Bette and Billy should get along famously. I hope it’s terrific, with a fair share of humorous dialogue. It’s a good pairing, but I think the title “Us and Them” is a little clunky. Is this designed to be a “kiddie” or “family fare” film?

    1. I think i made a mistake calling it a baseball movie….it seems more like a an older generation pitted against the technology of the young….probably baseball brings them together.

  2. If anyone finds out about the filming locations in Georgia, can someone please let me know? I would love to go.

  3. It sounds like a solid comedy however I can’t lie and say I would have rather seen her in the Pacino movie. Sometimes her career frustrates me so much.

  4. I agree – her acting career is as much a source for frustration as it is for joy! And I often think the parts she didn’t take would have made for a much more interesting career! and then her and pacino – in a dramatic part!!! oh well…
    This new project however sounds even more horrible than most of the terrible project she has been involved for the last 15 years and so “been there, done that” that a cynic might even regret how fast she got over that herniated disc!

    1. I think some of you are being a little testy, frustrated (which I get) and unfair. Time was of the essence for Mamet and sadly it was bad for Bette by a couple of weeks he couldn’t spare. I promise you he would have made a stink if she couldn’t back it up. And she has yet to start shooting the new movie. So give her a break, as disappointed as you may be.

  5. Sounds like i’m one of the few thats excited about this. Yes i was completly gutted when she had to pull out of the Pacino one, but it could be worse, she could just not be doing anything! lol And from what i’ve read about this movie online, it’s a big part. They are the grandparents taking care of the kids. It’s not just a cameo….happy days! 😀 xxx

  6. lol you make a valid point Mr. D! And i am sure most of us will be running out to buy tickets the day this opens to support our girl! just a little venting!! Thank you for having this forum to give us this opportunity! I LOVE BETTE AND BOOTLEG BETTY!!! I do think her and billy crystal will make for some very funny moments!! I always thought Bette would have been hysterical playing opposite Dustin Hoffman in Meet the Fockers. This reminds me of something similar! I say we should already start the golden globe campaign to get her nominated!! =)

    1. Well, to make things clear, I’m just as frustrated as some of you are….I mean Bette and Al Pacino? But I guess I’ve gotten used to the disappointments in Bette’s movie career. But I don’t think she was faking a flare up concerning a herniated disc. And it also varies as to when it heals. I just don’t think Mamet wanted to take that risk.

  7. Her name is not mentioned in the article at all. That’s odd. And it’s says the film will be shot on Saturday. Will they shoot the whole movie in one day ? Will Bette play Billy Crystal’s daughter or his wife ?

    1. Mihai: That was just bad article writing. They were filming one scene for the entire day which Bette didn’t have to be in. She just signed on last week. She will be playing Billy’s wife…

  8. Hi All! I read almost every post! and thorougly enjoy the engaging conversational aspet of this site. We are all entitled to our opinions regardless of how wrong they seem to others. Most of the time, this is the only place to talk about Bette. Since i am sure that, like myself, most of us have exhausted the conversation with friends and family, who like Bette but do not have the same love of Bette as we do. It’s our fellow Betteheads that link us to normalcy and give us an outlet to praise and yes at times vent about the one we all love so much. Opinions are great but save the lecturing for the classroom.

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