Bette And Honda (Thanks Stephen)

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18 thoughts on “Bette And Honda (Thanks Stephen)

    1. Ya’ll have to give Stephen props for this! I’m in my own shit right now….but this brought a lmao moment to my sad ass life!

  1. I hope The Divine One got lots of money for this. I think this comercial is beneath her. But money is always welcomed and Miss M seems to be savy on business deals. Does anyone know how much a star like Bette makes in a comercial like this?

  2. HILARIOUS!!! And, while I’m sure she made a nic chunk of change for this, I’d wager that one of the reasons she took the gig is because of Honda’s environmentally-friendlier line of automobiles.

  3. LMFAO! GREAT! Dam..doesn’t she look gorgeous? Martin von Haselberg, such a lucky bastard…Don Bradshaw, pick up the phone!!!!!!!!! 😛

  4. “And NYRP” said our fearless leader, Mr. Bradshaw.
    I love the ad, Bette looks and sounds great, but…unless she did it for NYRP, it seems sort of beneath her.
    I recall when she did a commercial for some liquor company, which would only air them in Japan, back in the 80s, and then backed out of her contract. Taken to court in a lawsuit, the Divine was rewarded by Rolling Stone magazine as giving the best court testimony in a lawsuit when asked why she backed out of her contract and said: “I didn’t want a bunch of drunken Japanese on my conscience.” Asked again if she were in the habit of signing and then breaking contracts, she retorted, “Only occasionally.”
    I do think it is beneath her, UNLESS she did it for NYRP, then ask for tons of money!!!! I am not judging, just thinking….

    1. And I still do think it was for NYRP….don’t know for sure….but i’m going on hunch and i have a good track record….lol

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