Watch The Auction Live!

Mister D: I just can’t….it’s too sad,,,,and boy, I’m not in the frame of mind:

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14 thoughts on “Watch The Auction Live!

  1. All those costumes must have costed so much more. The Valentino stuff is precious! His light aqua gown is a sight to be seen.

  2. I cried when I got to work- real tears of saddness- I hope a few fans have be able to get some things- I should have started saving when Ibecame a fan 23 years ago.


    1. I cried too Chaz….I never really thought ahead like that though….I wouldn’t know what to do with any of her costumes anyway….I’d rather they went into a museum, but Bette knows best about what she wants to do….

  3. Christie’s, a much more important auction institution than Julien’s Auctions, charged me US$ 24.00 including shipping for The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor Catalogue, how come Julien’s is charging US$ 50.00 for Miss M’s catalogue?!

    Now I’m imagining the amounts of money Christie’s is going to get for Dame Elizabeth’s pieces… The Krupp diamond should be the crown of Taylor’s collection.

    1. Cool…..can you send a pic in of what you won? Somebody asked if any Betteheads won anything….thought i’d post some for tomorrow xx Of course, you don’t have to either…lol

  4. Interesting auction. I didn’t total it all up, but I’m guessing between $150K and $250K was the gross take. Probably closer to a quarter mil. Almost everything sold for much more than estimates–in some cases 10x as much. A few items sold around $10K. I wonder how much of the total belongs to Julien?

    It would have been nice if the last auctioneer knew something about Bette. He mis-pronounced quite a bit–also, although the winning bids were pretty high, I think he could have squeaked out a bit more $$ by saying some things about the items (e.g., “this is 18K gold”, or “this was given to Bette by Cher”, or “this watch has 2.75 total karats of diamonds”, etc.) Instead, he would say things like “next we have a pair of shoes. $300, do I hear $300?” WTF? For being in Beverly Hills, you would think he would know the designers names as well–some of them are quite famous, which could have added even more $$ if he wanted to be a bit more of a name-dropper. Oh, well, at 300+ items, I guess he had to keep it close to a minute an item.

    Congrats to the people who bid and won, and to Bette, of course, for raising some solid green for NYRP!

    1. Don’t feel silly….as soon as you said you had been watching I got online and looked and just couldn’t take it….It just brought back so many memories of her and myself growing up along side her…..just a weird feeling. i know she’s not retiring, but it did feel like the end of an era…..

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