Video: Bette Interviewed At 1992 Golden Globe Awards

Bette Interviewed At 1992 Golden Globe Awards About For The Boys Failure At The Box Office, Miss M is mad, funny, disappointed, but above all, her candid self!

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13 thoughts on “Video: Bette Interviewed At 1992 Golden Globe Awards

    1. I thought she did just fine…..I was laughing out loud at some parts….maybe she doesn’t have that inner censor that the “respectable”public has, but then neither have i. so I appreciate it. She wears her heart on her sleeve and I for one love it!

  1. I agree with you Mister D…
    One of the things I love most about Bette is her ability to say whatever is on her mind/in her heart… political correctness be damned! 🙂

  2. The budget for the film was $40M, which wasn’t too bad considering the vast time-span covered and locations for the film. Sadly, it only brought in about $18M domestic, but after you factor in international sales, and video/dvd, I wouldn’t call it a huge flop for the investors. I do remember how disappointed everyone was, as the expectation for the film was much higher.

    Nonetheless, Bette did win a Golden Globe for her performance and an Oscar Nomination, which most actresses would die for–especially for a film that wasn’t commercially successful. Although Bette comes across as a bit bitter in this interview, I do commend her for thinking about everyone involved in the film, instead of her own accolades. From a pure production standpoint, dialogue, musicality, cinematography, cast, set design, costumes, and scope, this is clearly the film that deserved much better attention and response. Critics more most unkind, and this is a movie that really had everything you could ask for in a film. I thought every aspect of the film was top-notch, and am just as puzzled as Bette was, as to why the film didn’t reach a larger audience.

    I actually saw a “sneak preview” of the film before its release, and was one of about a dozen people who were invited to stay afterwards as part of the focus group (a Q&A session about the film). Bette was in the projection booth listening to our comments (mine were of course, very gracious and congratulatory). If I recall, I think the biggest critique of the film was that it tried too hard (i.e., focused on too many issues, covered too much ground, was overly ambitious, etc.). There were a few scenes that were subsequently trimmed or cut to get the length of the film down a bit before its final release, but other than that, it remained essentially intact. I thought the film was perfect, and would probably garner about 8 or more Oscar nominations.

    I’m pretty good, when it comes to predicting “Oscar” so this film is still a head -scratcher for me. To say it was unfairly maligned is an understatement. It truly was one of the best films of the year, and I was hoping that time would prove that to be true. Oh, well…..

  3. Well I think shes just brilliant, I wouldnt want it any other way!

    (They asked such silly questions though, what a waste of an opportunity no wonder Bette got tired quickly)

    1. That’s what I thought too Laura, especially that one about Nick Nolte….LOL The expression on her face and then the answer….I was just howling!

  4. It really bothered me when For The Boys was given such bad review, then Bette won a Golden Globe for her performance ( for the season bad turkey ) and then was given her second Oscar Nomination,, can kinda understand why Bette is a bit pxxxxd with it all. I’ve often wondered why if Bette performance was so bad why was she nominated for 2 such amazing awards??
    Another small thing that bothers me is why on the DVD or VHS it doesnt say on it anywhere Bette Oscar Nomination for 1992, or Golden Globe winner!!!!! Best Actress of the year!!!
    I love the film, and the soundtracks
    Paul UK

  5. I just revisited this movie on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and was as puzzled at the response to it as ever. And, bless her heart, you can see just how hurt she was in this interview. Her Golden Globe acceptance speech was just as heartfelt and had me in total tears.

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