Bette’s 2012 Spring Picnic Invitation

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2 thoughts on “Bette’s 2012 Spring Picnic Invitation

  1. Just a 49 year old grunt from Kentucky trying to make her way through life while continuing to battle Type I diabetes (39 years)…battling Stage IIIA breast cancer (had 12lbs of breast removed – might have given you and Sophue Tucker a run for your money!!!) and still making plans to send our only child (we lost 3 to miscarriages) off to college in the fall…AND making serious plans to celebrate my 50th birthday with my best friend, and college roommate (1980) on a beach, and celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary in July. What a busy lady! OK, so I may not look the same or even feel the same…but I sure have kept my sense of humor and outlook throughout this ordeal (life). Just had the joyous opportunity of watching your Vegas show on cable (yeah, I probably should have said cancer takes a lot of your money?) and thought I would take a chance to “connect” with my all-time favorites. Anyway, you are just a hoot…and, by the way, we share the same birthd day…not year, but day!!! You remind me so much of my college roommate…she makes me happy and makes me laugh. When we watch Beaches…of course, we call each other and just BOO, HOO, HOO! I think you are awesome…and just wanted to share that thought (and all of the others) with you. Care to comment?

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