There is no one like Bette Midler!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
by Liz Smith
Tuesday Three-Step: The Great Joan Ganz Cooney … The Divine Bette Midler … and the Magnificent “Maleficent” Angelina Jolie.


BETTE MIDLER pulled off yet another coup for the New York Restoration Project to make NYC more beautiful and anti-garbage than ever. In this GREEN event staged in a tent with Grants Tomb as a background, Bette had help from the likes of Amy Poehler … Cynthia Nixon … Bernadette Peters … Dr. Oz … designer Isaac Mizrahi … the splendid Marlo Thomas … NBC’s new correspondent Cynthia McFadden … comedienne Judy Gold … musician John Pizzarelli … honoree Ron Finley … fashion’s Tim Gunn … Sean Driscoll of Glorious Foods … and too many others to count.

Most of us made little jokes about the backdrop of the mammoth tomb of Ulysses S. and Mrs. Grant. It IS, however, the largest mausoleum in North America and most impressive. More than impressive on a local level was having the new Mayor of New York and his First Lady there. And Bette herself, resplendent in black with diamonds (perfect for a picnic) putting together an auction that urged the already tapped-out audience to respond to the tune of $250,000, raising the TOTAL in all for this “picnic” alone, to over a million bucks!

There is no one like Bette Midler! And there is nothing like New York City elsewhere in the world … and the fact that an entertainer of Bette’s magnificent stripe is striving to make it all look better, is incredible. Oh yes, I received a silver-plated trowel with which I am to go to work immediately making things greener around me.

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4 thoughts on “There is no one like Bette Midler!

  1. Imdb does it again. Another film attached to Bette that “may” materialize? Here’s hoping……The Third Coast. TV Movie (comedy) directed by Jay Roach, and written by Paul Rudnick. Vague memories of a previous movie with the three involved. Scratching my head…..same movie?? What am I missing?

    Here’s the link:

    All the best!

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