Video: Johnny Carson Presents Bette Midler 1974 Special Tony Award (Thanks MrPoochSmooch)

Very awesome find!

More Photos From The 2012 Central Park Conservancy Hat Lunch

For more photos: Click Here

Ad With Snippet Of Bette Midller At RARHOF And Sara Bareilles Plays Some Nyro

Rock Show: Highlights Are Billy Joe Armstrong, Bette Midler and the Beastie Boys

New York Daily News HBO’s Rock Hall of Fame induction wheels along despite the no-show by Axl Rose Top performers…

Funny Or Die Video: A Critical Deconstruction of Bette Midler’s THE ROSE

A Critical Deconstruction of Bette Midler’s THE ROSE – watch more funny videos

Slide Down Mister D’s May Pole To Hear His Playlist For This Month….Yee Haw!

This time new music by Fun., Alabama Shakes, Bonnie Raitt, Adam Cohen (wrote Lullabye In Blue), Rufus Wainright, Jason Mraz.…

Reminder: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Premieres On HBO Tonight (Friday)

New York Post Greatest hits By MAXINE SHEN Last Updated:11:03 PM, May 3, 2012 When music legends both young(ish) and…

Bette Midler To “Live Below The Line”

Celebs Live Below the Line with Malin Akerman, Nick Lachey and More by MARISSA on MAY 3, 2012 Malin Akerman, Nick…

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