Bette Midler To “Live Below The Line”

Live Below the Line with Malin Akerman, Nick Lachey and More
by MARISSA on MAY 3, 2012

Malin Akerman, Nick Lachey, Kevin Connolly, Bette Midler and more are speaking out against extreme poverty by participating in the Live Below the Line campaign. During the week of May 7 to May 11, these celebrities and millions of global supporters have elected to, for at least one full day, eat and drink on just $1.50.

That figure represents the extreme poverty line in U.S. currency, which affects 1.4 billion people around the world. The Live Below the Line campaign is run by the Global Poverty Project, which hopes that the selected celebrities can help the organization raise awareness of extreme poverty.

To sign up as a partner or donate to the Live Below the Line initiative, head here.

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