Today In History: Hocus Pocus ~ Release Date 7/16/1993

  Plot Summary You’re in for a devil of a time when three outlandishly wild witches — Bette Midler (BEACHES,…

Bette Tweets: Staff Member Shares NYRP Experience

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Video: Somewhere Along The Way ~ Bette Midler

Somewhere Along The Way – Bette Midler by nashvilledon

Video: Superstar ~ Bette Midler ~ World Tour

BetteBack: Bette Midler To Guest On “The Burt Bacharach – Opus No. 3” Special ~ February 25, 1973

Cedar Rapids Gazette Program Notes February 25, 1973 “Burt Bacharach – Opus No.3″ – Mr. B. brings Ludwig van Beethoven…

BetteBack: Musical special stars Burt Bacharach, Bette Midler, Peter Ustinov, Stevie Wonder, And Gilbert O’ Sullivan ~ February 25, 1973

Corsicana Daily Sun Musical special stars Burt Bacharach February 25, 1973 Burt Bacharach brings Ludwig van Beethoven back to life–in…

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