Poster For “Parental Guidance” Out!


PARENTAL GUIDANCE posters are up! @andyfickman‘s new family comedy will add even more heart 2 ur holiday season! 12/25

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7 thoughts on “Poster For “Parental Guidance” Out!

  1. Hubby and I saw Lawless tonite and I was appalled by the violent previews prior to the moive. Not that Lawless didn’t have it’s shoot-them-up moments, however, when hubby made a comment about all of the terrible, violent movies, I couldn’t help but think that I need to see a moive where murder isn’t the main focus of a storyline – UGH!!! NO wonder there are so many damn shootings in this country ;-(
    I cannot wait to see this moive…it will be a breath of fresh air on the big screen.

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