Photo: Bette As Sue Mengers (Thanks Perry And Steve)


Bette As Sue Mengers

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6 thoughts on “Photo: Bette As Sue Mengers (Thanks Perry And Steve)

  1. Again. Don. why are we unable to share just this or any single article on FB. without sharing your entire BB web post site blog. Every web site will let you share individual posts, pages or news items. Do I need to Re-Like your site from your BootlegBetty page to link to FB. I see no FB like link anywhere on the powered by Socialbar. She will be perfect as Sue. I want to share the 60minutes tape and the Vanity Fair photos.

    1. All you have to do is click the title of the article…then click the like button on the social bar. That should recommend the article. Another way is to click the title link and copy the new address in the address bar and paste that in your status on Facebook. Or just go to the bootleg betty’s facebook page and share from there. You’ll probably have to like the page. Most of the big sites pay good money to do it simpler, but I can’t afford it. Sorry. Let me know if you have any more trouble and I’ll see what I can do….xx

    2. Robert…Click on the title link of the post you want to share, then go to the toolbar down below, find SHARE, Click on it, then click which social media site you want to use like Facebook, Twitter, etc…

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