BetteBack April 26, 1978: On The Town With Jack And Christopher

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April 26, 1978


NEW YORK Bette Midler is blond and frizzy and Jack Nicholson‘s sitting there chewing his gum ” A fan who could see in the dark told me that It was a large night at the Broadhurst Theater.

Beside s the Odd Couple , beautiful Raquel Welch was sitting down there with young Andre Weinfeld, a French screenwriter They were watching “Dancin’,” the thing to do now. And as often happens, one dancer Vicki Frederick suffered a severe sprain and had to be taken to a hospital at the command of the boss Bob Fosse.

Nicholson and the divine” Miss M and a couple of guests rushed to a limo to go to a private party. The lady known as Raq went backstage and said to lead dancer Ann Reinking “1 wouldn’t go without congratulating your wonderful dancers ”

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