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Which Dress Was Your Favorite Of Bette’s At The Oscars?



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23 thoughts on “Which Dress Was Your Favorite Of Bette’s At The Oscars?

  1. It’s not very often that a celebrity will willingly open themselves up to this type of critique! Thanks Bette. I loved the red dress. It fit beautifully, and seemed to have personality that complemented your own. The dark dress, on the other hand, was a poor selection. It may have looked great inperson, but it did not photograph well. It has a very house-frau look about it. I understand that you were part of a very serious and somber tribute in the show, but the dress did nothing to complement you or your personality while maintaining that respectful attitude.

  2. I loved both dresses and think the one she wore when singing was beautiful and perfect for the moment. For what she was there to do.

  3. Howard, BootlegBetty is not officially related to Bette Midler. This wonderful place was created and is run by Mr. D (Don Bradshaw). So, you’re not speaking to The Divine One herself.

    I, for one, LOVED the Reem Acra gown and Miss M found Acra nice for going to her NYC apartment for selection of the dress. For me, Bette could have walked the red carpet and sung with the red piece.

    I think the Azzedine Alaia gown was chosen because Miss M wanted to be confortable and able to fill her pipes easily with air while performing. The color, I believe, was to fit with the stage. I think the red dress would make a great contrast with the stage colors and highlight The Divine One. I see no need for black or brown outfits because of the In Memoriam segment. That was not a burial. It was a celebration of the talents and acomplishments of the ones who passed away. Beauty can honor art. Clothing design is art to me. I’m not crazy about this piece, but it was able to show how healthy and sexy Bette is at her age.

    For this 2014 Oscars, Miss M was styled by Jessica Paster. Her flawless hair and makeup by the usual professionals she favors: Roberto Ramos and Eugenia Weston. Ramos takes care of Bette’s hair since The Grammy Awards of 1990 and Weston goes back to The Mondo Beyondo Show in 1982. Both have helped Miss M to look divine over the years.

    1. You have to look at it this way…Bette has millions of admirers who all would love an email from her but there’s not enough hours in a day for her to do that. The only thing she can do is to keep being Divine while we appreciate. Xx

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