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Attn: Bette Midler’s New Fan Mail Address


Just wanted to alert everybody to Bette’s new fan mail address

Miss M Productions
1838 2nd Ave #120
New York, NY 10128

Also I just want to say I’m glad to be back and I greatly appreciate the responses I’ve received. There’s a lot of love there.


Mister D

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24 thoughts on “Attn: Bette Midler’s New Fan Mail Address

    1. I am a Canadian, my parents were god fearing,hard working,generous people from Ukraine …who made a nice life…raised good kids
      Language was difficult…but they managed
      Bette must be out of her mind to attack the First Lady on a language issue…let’s see her give a very formal speech in Yugoslavian
      I will never,ever watch or listen to Bette Midler

      1. This is a fan site. Not Bette Midler. Write her. I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t mix my entertainment with politics. Both sides say horrible things about Presidents and First Lady’s and then you forget about till the next election. It gets old. Period.

  1. Dear Miss Midler,
    I have a problem, you did the Movie , “First Wives Club”. My Uncle Bobby had a first wife named Velma Jean . She was his first wife. My Uncle went to War and came back from England and married my Aunt Kay and had a daughter Debbie and Albert. I was named after Aunt Velma…I have a picture of her ,she looks like she was a WAVE in the Service during the War. A very pretty lady. She was so humiliated she went back home to her parents in Oklahoma. I have never been able to find her, nor speak with her or her family. I am from the first wife.Does that mean I am a nobody because he cheated on my Aunt Velma. My Aunt said , she was a nice lady, very sweet looking lady. NO! I said ,I will contact Bette Midler and Joan Rivers to see what to do. Should I change my name for them or just run away. I have three children and after over 40 years and at my Aunt Funeral mind you her Funeral. My cousin coming in with the family Album . MY Aunt Charlotte danced for the USO troops during the War and now they finally show me this woman picture . A big on not a little one. And ,I am a no body and my father was silly. What can I do? I was amazed and mortified at the same time. After 40 years, I am a person, I have someone to say , this is my name sake. What do I do, Miss Bette Midler. Change me name and go somewhere to live and hide or stand up and be counted. I am from the “First Wives Club”. What can I do can anyone help me? Can you help me with this problem. Joan Rivers changed her name and is still laughing so can I change mine also. What can I do Miss Bette. Tell me . Call me at 732-580-4527 or send a letter to P.O. Box 274, Hightstown, NJ 08520 or 453 A Closter Road , Clearbrook Village, I am a Home Health Aide there taking care of an older man named Raymond. in Monroe Twp. 08831 in Clearbrook Village. Thank you so very much for listening to me. “I am a First Wife kid and need some help.
    Sincerely , Velma Witkowski, mother of three children and still wondering….

  2. I am a Bette Midler fan I love her because she is a great actress and singer And my favorite movie is beaches and Hocus Pocus she is great and funny I like her and all of her best movies I like her singing the wind beneath my wings in the movie she is so talented she looks great when she was bad in houcs poucs she’s my favorite actress as well Love her so much

  3. OMG! Bette – your voice & music are so amazing.. I grew up on Honolulu as well so we have a lotta things in common, singing- partly dancing & going to be auntie to a September baby.

  4. Dear Mister D,
    Thank you very much for keeping updated this site. If possible, I would also appreciate your updating present Ms. Midler’s fan mail address.My fan letter sent to her in the address has been returnef to me.

  5. You are just the Best Bette (oh I all iterated) and you have earned the respect of Republican women everywhere. I always thought so highly of you but now I put you on a pedestal because of the way you stand up to this pussy grabbing President Trump. Remember Karma is around the corner for him.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe you should go to Bette’s official site which they always say in print and TV…Twitter! May Karma find you!!!! Xx

  6. Ms. Midler.
    You are a worthless piece of liberal shit. You and your Hollywood fucks will rot in hell. I hope you fucking die.

    1. Well, look who got up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m always fascinated by people who let other people have so much power over their emotions. It’s like you just give your power, something you have control over, we’ll you just give it over to a stranger. You’re so emotional, are you sure you’re not a liberal? Also, this is a fansite and Bette isn’t here. Wherever you’re reading about her, they always tell you where she is and you can leave your lovely message there. But I’m going to let you figure out where that is.

  7. Bette Midler let me tell you something I need a favor I’m a nobody I work hard make decent money but I’m a nobody I lost my ex-wife here I go well I loved dearly I remember saying a song my mother’s use well you sang the music Wind Beneath My Wings it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard and my wife loved every minute of it she loves you more than anything she said to me that you had a raspy voice and you had everything that made her get wet LOL she was cool as hell I lost of the cancer this year but there’s one thing I know Wind Beneath My Wings made my mother cry that is Our Song she’s already lost one son and I promised her that I’d she wouldn’t lose another not by a bullet hole like my brother did if you can find it in your heart to let me know when you’re going to be here in Florida I didn’t want to be in the start with so I can buy some tickets and maybe she’ll get the here your voice and that song she should have never lost her son that’s a rough is thing a mom goes through thank you and I don’t expect to hear from you but thank you for making all that beautiful music

  8. Shame on you for disrespecting Melania Trump. Yes, she is a immigrant. Do we not have immigrants in all our families? Do you speak six languages? You owe all immigrants an apology.

    1. This is a fan site. Not Bette Midler. Write her. I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t mix my entertainment with politics. Both sides say horrible things about Presidents and First Lady’s and then you forget about till the next election. It gets old. Period

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