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Bette was offered the role of Adrian in Rocky.

“One supporting role I should have taken, if my then-manager hadn’t turned it down, was the Talia Shire role in Rocky. I’d still like to work with Sylvester Stallone. There’s something about those beefy Italians that turns me on. But when he sent over the Rocky screenplay, my manager told me it was a nice role, a nice movie, but not for me. When I saw Rocky, I was really sad that I’d lost the chance to play that girl.”

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One thought on “**~BetteUcation~** ~ Rocky

  1. Letting “Misery” and “Sister Act I & 2” were bigger mistakes. The Divine One could have gotten a Best Actress Oscar for the horror film! Plus, the Sister Act soundtracks are delicious with Whoopi’s voice. Imagine with Miss M’s voice!!

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