From My Friend Ron…Re: Deluxe Edition It’s The Girls


Pre-ordered the Deluxe version from Target yesterday. Surprisingly, the Deluxe CD is less expensive than the regular version that doesn’t have the bonus tracks. Free shipping if you spend over $50 with Target; however, they won’t ship until street date, which means for some of us, we won’t get the CD until around the 8th-10th of November. Might be better to just go into the store on Nov. 4th and get it right away (however the price might be different than the pre-order price)”¦”¦ for the bonus tracks, based on hearing the originals, I think they’re quite interesting additions to the CD. “Mendocino” is hauntingly beautiful, and “The Hunter Gets Captured”¦” has a unique arrangement that slowly builds and becomes surprisingly addictive”“it’s the song that when you finish listening to it, you immediately want to listen to it again (and again). As always, just can’t wait”¦..

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