How many times have you Experienced The Divine? Or Are You A Virgin?

How many times have you Experienced The Divine? Or Are You A Virgin?


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8 thoughts on “How many times have you Experienced The Divine? Or Are You A Virgin?

  1. I have had the great pleasure to see the Divine Miss M approx. 26 times and have tickets to show in DC this year. I saw her very first national tour concert in Jan 1972 in Rochester, New York and have seen her over the years in NYC, Radio City, Majestic theater, Copacabanna, Washington DC Shady Grove Music Theater, Atlantic City Convention Ctr and Taj Mahal, Baltimore, Norfolk and Williamsburg VA. Every time was always a wonderful time. Thanks Bette for everything. Best to you and your family

  2. Just the once: Las Vegas, Friday September 4, 2009. Front Orchestra row DD 300.
    It was our present from our civil partnership guest list: I’ve been a Bette fan for years, this was the first time I’d been able to see her. And now, I’m looking forward to July 18th: at the O2, London: Front stalls, Block B, Row A, right in the middle. Yay!

  3. I’ve lost track but I have seen Bette in concert close to 50 times, including all of her major tours, starting in 1973. I’ve met her three times (the fourth will be this year), and have a few signed autographs from her, from books to posters to serigraphs. Earlier in her career, tickets were comparably more affordable, so I would buy tickets for every show of her run for a particular venue, thus the high number of times that I’ve “experienced” the divine. But I’m lucky to have seen her in every major U.S. tour she’s had. Never saw her at the Continental Baths (too young), and missed her Clams on the Halfshell Revue (again, too young and too broke to travel to NYC/Broadway for the show). If there is one show I would like to see in its entirety on video, Clams is the one.

  4. Although I’m younger, I’m intimidated by Jim Aldrich and RJGinNV! I’ve only experienced the Divine twice in “I’ll Eat You Last”. First row both times. It costs a lot to travel from Brazil.

  5. It’s one of the most sad things in my life. I’ve never experienced the Divine! I am a FAN of her since my childhood. I have all her records and DVDs but I live in Italy, in the beautiful Firenze, and Bette didn’t have any concert here. I was in USA 3 times in my entire life but I never had the opportunity. It’s a dream of mine, but…DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES and dreams can become true. I hope! Send me all your positive energy so that I can experience the Divine live one day!

  6. i saw experience the divine twice; the divine miss Millennium once; kiss my brass twice, the showgirl must go on twice, I’ll eat you last twice and currently i have three dates to see it’s the girls.

  7. Let’s see….I saw The Divine Miss Millenium tour, Kiss My Brass, Showgirl Must Go On twice (Opening Night and second to last show – I had tickets for her last performance, too, but couldn’t go because I got the worst stomach flu EVER), and I’ll Eat You Last twice. I saw her live in NYC when she performed on Good Morning America for the release of Peggy Lee, I was in the audience for Graham Norton when was promoting Memories of You, I was in the audience when she was picked as the “unsuspecting audience member” in Martin Short’s Fame Becomes Me, I met her at a CD signing in New York for the release of Cool Yule (and made her laugh!), and I was in the audience for her ITV special back in December. I will also be seeing her at both shows in London this July.

    For only being 35, I’d say I’m doing pretty good!

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