How does it feel to be Queen of Queens?

How does it feel to be Queen of Queens?

“The Queen of Queens!? I think I’m the queen of just about anybody who likes a certain kind of showbusiness…. any kind of showbusiness. I think I’m having a good run these last couple of years. People used to look at me and not understand at all what it was that I was doing, but lately my audience has broadened, er, so to speak.

“I still have queens, but I have older people too, and couples, and a lot of young girls. More than that, I have achieved a certain amount of credibility. And that to me is absolutely fantastic, just fantastic. I always wanted it, and I always dreamed that I would achieve it, but I wasn’t really sure that I could. But now I have and it’s very gratifying, very very gratifying. The only unfortunate thing is that those crests of joyous success don’t last.” (Musical Express, 1981)



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