Hocus Pocus: In Defense of the Sanderson Sisters

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In Defense of the Sanderson Sisters

We can’t imagine how difficult it must be to wake up from a 300 year nap and have children dressed in their Halloween finest running about unexpectedly while nothing is familiar and your home’s been turned into a museum, and yet, such is reality for the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus. That’s why one of our writers [struggled] to play devil’s advocate–see what we did there?–and identify just a few reasons these witches may have not have been completely to blame for the general havoc they wrought in Salem in the ”˜90s. Here’s why:


1. They’re only playing into society’s standards of youth and beauty.
They just want to stay young–who could blame them? In a way, we’re all chasing our youths; reliving fond memories of the past and searching for the meaning of life. Plus, it’s pretty important to note that there was no such thing as plastic surgery in 17th-century America, and neither were there any acai berries or rejuvenation therapy.


2. Perhaps the whole “sucking the life-force out of kids” thing was merely a visual metaphor.
You know, like how rain in movies is usually an allusion to characters’ feelings? This is the same, except with children and a creepy song, and witchcraft. This was clearly a thematic choice made by the director, not the sisters themselves.


3. Everyone is allowed to be themselves.
The story of Hocus Pocus really boils down to a trio of sisters who are being persecuted and hunted for following their own unique set of beliefs and ideals. Now, what’s so wrong about that? (Rhetorical question, please don’t answer.)


4. They endured extreme culture shock and were most likely disoriented as a result.
300 years is a long time to be dead. Perhaps the sisters had no idea that blatant evil in today’s society? They don’t know what a bus is, they don’t know what pavement is, not being evil is a modern conceit and we can’t expect them to understand it instinctively.


5. Everyone wants to continue their lineage.
The sisters never had children of their own and were never married. Of course, they were willing to do whatever it took to preserve the family blood! They only had each other!


6. ”˜Tis the season.
If there’s any day of the year to embark upon mischief and evil, it’s definitely Halloween! We would not recommend this type of behavior on, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Obviously.


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