Jann Arden’s dog Midi (short for Midler) does not like her singing

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Jann Arden’s dog Midi does not like her singing
By: Jane Welowszky Special to the Star, Published on Sat Dec 26 2015

Jann Arden and her beloved dog Midi, a Maltese and Yokrshire cross known as a Morkie.

Most adoring pet owners would do anything for their cherished companions, but could they speak for their furry or feathered or finned friends and tell us what they are thinking? To find out, we’re putting pet owners to the test with the personality questionnaire made famous by French novelist, Marcel Proust.

Meet Jann Arden and Midi.

For the past seven years, they’ve been inseparable. Weighing in at less than seven pounds, the tiny Morkie (a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier) makes for the perfect travel-sized companion. And while Midi is accustomed to life in the spotlight, she counts having her picture taken as one of her least favourite things about fame.

Surprisingly, Midi – short for Midler (as in Bette) – is not a huge music fan.

“She does not like me playing or singing at all,” says Arden. “A lot of barking, a lot of whining if I’m tinkering at the piano – it’s just not acceptable.”

However, Midi seems to quite enjoy the “Medley” track on Arden’s new Christmas album because “it’s peppy and over with quite quickly and not too many high notes.”

Midi considers chasing squirrels a reason to get up in the morning, loves being blow dried after a bath and ranks cherry tomatoes at the top of her list of fun things to throw around a room.

What is Midi’s idea of perfect happiness?

Being with me and going for a good long walk without any agenda – nowhere that she has to be and no rules. Walks are a long drawn-out process that have nothing to do with exercise because you literally go three feet.

Bette with Jann Arden
Bette with Jann Arden

Which living person does Midi most admire?

She’s quite fond of Olivia Newton-John. She gave her quite a few kisses and she liked her a lot.

What does Midi consider her greatest achievement?

I think she’s quite pleased with being a television celebrity – it’s very high on her resume. She’s been on the cover of a few magazines as well – and she does like it when she hears her name called out on the street. We could be in Newfoundland, we could be in Nanaimo – people don’t give a s— if I live or die now, those days are over for me and that’s fine. But I will hear “Midi!”

Which talent would Midi most like to have?

I think she would really love to be able to do Frisbee, if she had teeth (Midi recently had 36 teeth removed – dental issues are common in the Morkie breed). But you need teeth and you need a little more girth. She’s going to have to dream about it.

Which historical figure does Midi most identify with?

(Charles) Dickens. She really feels for little dogs back in the early 1800s – she always asks me what they got to eat and where they slept and if poor people ate their dog food. She’s very concerned.

What does Midi regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Any time there’s a water dish empty, it’s quite a horrific time. If you’ve made the attempt to have a drink of water and the dish is either precariously low or completely empty, she can cast you a side glance that’s quite piercing.

Who is Midi’s hero of fiction?

She really does like Harry Potter. We’ve watched all of those movies many, many times. She stayed awake through most of those – can’t even say that about Lord of the Rings – not even for Frodo will she stay awake.

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