Video: I Shall Be Released – Divine Madness – Bette Midler -1980

Mister D: Ahh!!!! Another classic, Saw her do this on Broadway, Divine Madness, Those that missed the early concerts will never fully grasp how electrifying she was, especially on certain songs. My body would tense up, I’d be on the edge of my seat, it looked like it hurt her to put so much emotion in a song. For most of the concert, I’d be drained of energy, so I’d have to go back, but the same thing always happened. LOL 

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    I know Don. None of the concerts I got to see live were like those.. And as having been a part of that shear brilliance you are a legend. Just today I was remembering my Bette Midler landmarks…one major one was when I stumbled upon this lady named Lucinda. She lived in New York and she SENT me a collection of everything I had missed as a child…and thereafter! .Ii had a collection that was out of this world. A lot of things that were so special FROM Lucinda, and eventually two other collectors. I ended up losing the whole collection several years after finally seeing her in concert…Experience The Divine was another major landmark…but even I knew it wasn’t De Tour…Oh and about losing the mostly MGS collection of bootleg material…I remembered what I had first said said when meeting Lucinda . “It isn’t about having all the stuff It’s getting to see all the stuff. I just want to see it all. I still haven’t seen it all like you have lucky dog! This website too is a landmark by the way…is landmark even the right word?! jhahahahahah

  2. Yes, you can use a landmark or turning point…I know what you’re talking about. Sorry, you lost all your stuff, cause I did too, thru moving so much but I survived. But, wow, thank you for slipping me in there. That feels great. I’m very honored. Don

    1. It won’t let me edit but my comment meant to say “it was mostly VHS and audio cassettes” and I too lost the collection of tapes when I too was moving. The apt building was supposed to send it to me from KC to San Francisco…yeah like that ever happened!

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