Photo: Bette Midler – The Rose – The Drag Bar Scene – 1979

Bette in The Rose - Drag bar scene
Bette in the rose drag bar scene

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5 thoughts on “Photo: Bette Midler – The Rose – The Drag Bar Scene – 1979

  1. My comment on this was on Facebook…I prefer it when I post them here…where they belong! I’ve got the fire down below!

    1. Should have said “MY comment on this was not on Facebook but on the Bootleg Betty comments which actually is my preference…I must have been confused when I posted this…

    1. I don’t think that the club where the impersonators were performing was a *gay bar*. It was more or less based on a popular club in NYC at the time called *Club 82* that played to a very mixed clientele that included many straight tourists.

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