Video: Divine Madness – Bette Midler Interviewed On Nightmoves TV Show Australia By Jon Peters

Bette Midler promotes her new movie, Divine Madness in Australia. She’s interviewed by Jon Peters. I wonder if that’s the same Jon Peters Barbra Streisand used to date. Boy, was he a bad boy and a character.

Nightmoves was an Australian weekly late-night popular music series, hosted by Melbourne rock DJ Lee Simon. The program featured music videos from around the world, studio and location interviews with local and touring acts, and film reviews by noted Melbourne critic Ivan Hutchison. In later years the series presented a number of hour-long in-concert specials featuring leading Australasian acts such as Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, and Split.Enz, and a number of these were recorded in stereo and simulcast in FM stereo on local rock stations in each capital ciry. The original series theme was Bob Seger’s eponymous song, but this was later replaced by an excerpt from Steely Dan’s “Parker’s Band”. The series was produced and broadcast from the studios of Channel 7 in Melbourne, and was shown on most Seven Network stations. Sadly, although the series.chronicled one of the most vibrant periods in Australian rock, much of the series was broadcast live, and few if any master tapes have survived. A DVD compilation of the series was issued in the 2000s, but this was largely sourced from surviving domestic off-air VHS recordings of the show.

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One thought on “Video: Divine Madness – Bette Midler Interviewed On Nightmoves TV Show Australia By Jon Peters

  1. I love seeing footage on the release of this motion picture because when I saw the soundtrack album my mouth just dropped. A second Bette Midler movie (after seeing “THE ROSE.”) It took years for me to make sense of it all because I was so young but eventually I got to see it on VHS and then finally I saw the unedited version on HBO. (Don’t ask me why in that order..) I used to have several clips of Bette promoting this movie in Europe. I remember in one of the press conferences she did in Europe the reporter says “I saw definite evidence of “playback” (aka lip synching.) “SORRY! IT’S ALL LIVE MUSIC!” Bette fired back. Fans know that they had to actually overdub her vocals for some songs in the film because she was suffering from Pneumonia…Either way she sounded great as always!

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